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Yumé Boshi is a small food producer in Oakland, CA, making Japanese preserves the way Japanese grandmas used to -- in small batches, using traditional and artisanal methods. As a child, Ayako grew up eating her mother’s traditional Japanese pickles and preserves. She started making her own preserves when she relocated from Tokyo to a small village in rural Japan, where she learned traditional food practices hands-on from families that lived in the area for generations. A pursuit of studies in macrobiotic cooking eventully brought Ayako to Northern California and she began her career as a cook after completing her studies. She combines traditional methods and modern culinary techniques to produce high-quality umeboshi and other uniquely flavored Japanese preserved foods. Ayako serves as the guardian of the quality and the authenticity of all of Yumé Boshi products.We don’t just make preserves though. We are here to preserve the disappearing art of preserve making. We present to you the taste and quality which are hard to find even in Japanese homes today and we do so using local produce from California orchards. It’s like we traveled in a time machine and met you in California!