Wild Mushroom Tortelloni  Delivery
Wild Mushroom Tortelloni  Delivery

Wild Mushroom Tortelloni

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12 oz. Arrives fresh.

Larger cousin of tortellini, The Pasta Shop's Wild Mushroom Tortelloni is filled with a delicate blend of mushrooms, rich cheeses and pureed porcini mushroom. All wrapped in The Pasta Shop's signature eggy fresh dough. Great with sautéed with butter & sage, fresh garlic and topped with shaved Parmesan and rotisserie chicken.

Ingredients: Pasta (Durum Flour, Eggs, Semolina), Filling (mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, eggs, natural bread crumbs, pecorino romano, garlic, porcini mushrooms, salt, pepper)

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Elizabeth Sulistyo

Love this!

So good! Tortellini filled with mushroom! Delicious

Shabby Khalili

Officially a freezer staple.

This is consistently included in every order for a reason. Love this brand.

Hailey Branchford

Fresh and delish

These tortelloni were so tasty and the pasta was very fresh

Eva Yavorkovsky

cried a little

brown butter, crispy sage, walnuts, this tortelloni = 🥲

Rebecca Lando

Would get again

Really good - filling is juicy and flavorful, not heavy at all. Served up with some garlic-roasted lions mane mushrooms, spinach, lemon zest, butter, and parm for a quick and savory dinner.