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Wildflower Blackberry Honey

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13 oz. This Wildflower Blackberry honey is harvested in West Marin County, CA. Known for its flavor, this honey is raw and unfiltered.

Blackberry honey, like other varieties of honey, is unique in flavor and characteristics due to the specific nectar source from which bees collect the pollen. Blackberry honey typically has a distinct flavor profile that reflects the sweet and slightly tart notes of blackberries. It may have a rich, fruity taste with floral undertones. This is in contrast to other honeys, such as clover honey, which has a milder and more generic floral flavor. Different regions may have different soil compositions, weather patterns, and blackberry varieties, all of which can impact the honey's final flavor. It's essential to note that the exact characteristics of honey can vary based on factors like the specific plants in the area, the time of year, and the beekeeping practices.

Farmer Joy is a sixth-generation family farm in Chileno Valley. Joy Dolcini and her family began by raising cattle and pigs to produce their own meat, and eventually started selling it to local businesses in 2018. When Joy’s children started raising chickens, resulting in an abundance of laid eggs, she started selling them at their preschool and eventually made it a business. The farm’s animals roam freely in the pastures, while foraging on grass and feed in the barn. This means the chickens, ducks, and pigs eat natural grains and vegetables, while their cows are fully grass-fed. At her stand, she offers honey from her farm’s bees, duck and chicken eggs, and beef and pork in a variety of cuts, including ground beef, sausage, and more.