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Win Son Taiwanese American Sampler Kit

$18.464-8 servings
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Sample recipes from Win Son Presents: A Taiwanese American Cookbook, with these flavorful and authentic spice kits.

Kits included (4-8 servings each):
1) Win Son Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup: Beef noodle soup reigns supreme in Taiwan. Infused with warm spices, enriched with tomato, and accented with Sichuan pepper, this classic will warm you to your bones.
2) Win Son Lu Rou Seasoning: Taiwanese comfort food at its best. Every morsel of this braised pork stew served over steamed rice is savory, aromatic and deeply satisfying.
3) Win Son Chicken Seasoning: Lend the magic of this all-purpose Taiwanese fried chicken seasoning to all your home cooking adventures. Inflected with cayenne and Chinese five-spice, it does wonders for just-fried or grilled plain chicken, seafood, eggs, and more.
Win Son Lamb Seasoning: Try this Taiwanese-inspired all-purpose spice mix for next-level lamb, duck or pork. Flavor notes: deep, tangy black lime, and warm cumin, with a hint of Sichuan pepper.

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