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Yucca, often called cassava, is a long and starchy root vegetable often found in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. Yucca, when fried into chips is even tastier than regular potato chips, with a nutty sweetness.

Maria del Carmen, began selling her freshly fried yucca chips to local families that missed the taste and crunch of tostadas from El Salvador. She only sells them at specialty markets around town, and at the Civic Center Farmer's Market where she runs a stand. These large sized pieces of crispy yuccas are not too thin, so you can really taste the yucca. Perfectly crunchy and not oily, simply eat them plain or dunked in dip. You will devour the bag in minutes.


Jana Detrick

Perfectly crisp

These are a refreshing change from the potato chip or even from a plantain chip. They’re pretty thinly sliced, making for a great crunch and the flavor is light and tasty! I got them in my Surprise Snack box then added to cart!

Annie Baik


For some reason don’t feel as guilty eating these as other chips, but chips are chips. Super crunchy thick texture, beautifully salted. Perfect snack size and they don’t make you feel awful afterwards like other chips can!

Jennifer Gresham

Buttery and salty

Originally got these as part of a mystery box and quite liked them. Ordered again and ended up eating the whole bag in one sitting (not the intent). Subtle flavor difference from potatoes and I like it!



Very Simple Taste not Salty !! Very Crispy and They’re Big slices Chips . For me it’s a good Scooper For your Salsa . I Enjoyed it with My Guacamole!! and Not Greasy . For Diabetics it’s a good alternative because of Fibre it’s A Resistant Starch. ❤️👍😋

Hrishi Bhagwat

Great snack

Great snack any time of the day!