Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi (7-Spice) Delivery

Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi (7-Spice)

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Shichimi Togarashi is a Japanese spice mix that has 7 different ingredients in it, and is usually heavy on the chili! This yuzu version adds a burst of citrusy freshness. Daybreak Seaweed teamed up with the renowned chefs of Soba Ichi in Oakland for a California take on the classic Japanese shichimi togarashi. Also known as 7-spice seasoning, this very spicy and addicting blend highlights the rich flavors of red chiles, roasted sesame, citrusy yuzu, and umami-packed West Coast seaweed. Great sprinkled on soba, ramen, stir-fry, steamed vegetables, popcorn - all your favorite dishes!

Ingredients: red chiles, sesame, poppy seeds, seaweed (Alaska Wakame), yuzu, and orange


Jason Berkman

this now lives on my counter

this small tasty condiment jar is now my friend, for soups and salads and stir fries, and I've been eating it every day or two with a meal. I love the perfect spice and the crunch and salt and flavors.

Maria Devera


Sorry. Tried so hard to like it.