Cantabrian Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Shelf Life: 12-24 Months
Arrives: Chilled

1. 73 oz.

The richest, butteriest anchovies that have ever touched your lips! For their newest limited edition tinned fish, Fishwife sources their anchovies from Europe's only MSC-certified sustainable anchovy fishery, that are caught by small-boat fishermen. Semipreserved through a salt-curing process that lasts for an average of six - eight months & handpacked by a third-generation family-owned cannery using a traditional artisanal process perfected over decades. Packed into tins with premium Spanish extra virgin olive oil, sourced directly from Andalusian farmers. Made for eating atop a piece of fresh sourdough, slathered in good butter.

Ingredients: Anchovies (fish), organic extra virgin olive oil, salt

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Martina Barrera-Hernandez


Super tasty with bread and butter!

Jeremy Siegel

Amazing anchovies!

It’s unfair how good these are. I used half for a dressing and just ate the rest straight from the tin!

Valerie Coombs


these are a splurge, but the flavor is subtle and wonderful! perfect if you need a treat

nicholas santos

Best anchovy

Didn’t want to enjoy these so much but I do. A must buy for anchovy lovers


Superior to other ‘chovies

I usually am an anchovy paste gal (for convenience) but these are so far superior to what comes in a tube. I love to finely chop them and mix with room temp butter for a compound butter situation that works on bread or especially on roast chicken.