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One for the sourdough purists, Josey Baker's Country Sourdough is the plain and simple true loaf. The loaf is made from just flour, water, salt, and sourdough culture, the traditional perfection coming from the same sourdough culture that Josey got from his great, great grandmother. With a soft interior, a perfect crust and that sour taste of great fermentation it is everything you want from a great San Francisco sourdough.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, bread flour (wheat), sourdough culture, sea salt

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Ece Cokar

the OG

this is what i judge all breads by. it is everything i want from a sourdough - the crust is perfect with the right amount of tang & is sublime with salted butter.

Sandra Shu

Perfect bread for toast

Loved Josey bread! Super fresh and it tastes great toasted!

Natalie Brockman

Fresh and so good!

Delivered fresh, and lasted a long time. Really lovely taste.


One Bread to rule them all

I dream about this bread even in the middle of eating it! Josey Baker has won my heart and tastebuds over. If I’m ever found aimlessly wandering a bread aisle at a grocery store, someone please return me to this review to remind me that the best life is in Josey Baker Bread heaven. ♥️

nicholas santos

Best bread ever

This is the GOAT. I don’t buy any other bread.