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Prime Roots wants to celebrate the culture of meat, while also being mindful of the impact it has on the planet. Founders Kim Le and Joshua Nixon, who were in a peak life stage of experimentation during their time at UC Berkeley, became well aware of the climate crisis but felt powerless against the enormous industries that supported it. However, they realized that they could control the meat they ate every day, and set out to find a sustainable solution. They found that koji, a type of fungus, was the key to creating a meat-like product that has a familiar texture and rich umami flavor. Using koji as a foundation, they developed a line of Koji Deli-Meats, Charcuterie, and Bacon that taste, feel, and look just like conventional animal products. However, Prime Roots' products have a much lower impact on the environment, with 9KG of CO2 emissions avoided per KG of bacon compared to pork bacon, 92% less water used, 89% less water eutrophication, and 91% lower land impact. Featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Fast Company, and Food & Wine, Prime Roots is taking the plant-based industry by storm.

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