German Cuisine: Feed's All You Need Guide

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There is much to love about German cuisine. From classic bratwurst to beer to soft pretzels, the hearty, filling, and iconic dishes make Germany and its food something people travel far and wide to enjoy! While this country has gotten a bad rap in the past for its “boring flavors” and heavy meat use, many don’t realize the influence of spices and techniques from neighboring countries like Italy and France. Germany is also known for its culinary celebrations, so events are full of classic foods, drinks, and entertainment. Interested in learning more? Take a trip with us to Germany for today’s Pop’s All You Need Guide and learn some interesting history and facts about some of the best German cuisine has to offer.

Some Fun Facts:

According to Planet D, Germany has over 1,000 varieties of sausages! These include Bratwurst, Currywurst, and Knackwurst, which, while they all sound the same, have very different tastes!

Germany has over 300 different types of bread and over 1,200 different types of sweets, including cakes, pastries, and other baked goods!

Beer is considered a food in Bavaria! The average person in Bavaria consumes 150 liters of beer or more each year!

History of German Food:

Before we dive into the different dishes enjoyed in today’s Germany, it’s essential to look at the history behind the cuisine itself. Given Germany’s geographical location, its regions vary, and so does the food! According to the Spruce Eats, German food was likely of a much blander profile in its early days, characterized by a limited growing season. Much of what was eaten at the time included products made of wheat, barley, and meats that were hunted throughout the land, like rabbit, lamb, and other wild game. Even though the countries neighboring Germany (like Italy and France) enjoyed benefits from the Mediterranean climate, those within Germany had to adapt to the less bountiful climate and environment in which they lived. As times grew more modern and with the influx and emigration of individuals from other countries and geographical locations, though, flavors began to change, and so did that of German food as a whole. 

Nowadays, the cuisine is a beautiful medley of traditional German culture mixed with the exquisite flavors of countries worldwide. New recipes have been cultivated, building on older traditional ones to make dishes so many travel from all around the globe for.

Different German Foods to Enjoy:

Now that we’ve discussed where German food started let’s dive in and explore some of the different dishes and foods enjoyed in Germany! While this list isn’t everything (that would be as long as an encyclopedia!) that is eaten in German cuisine, we hope this inspires you to try one of these dishes for yourself and explore the flavors of Germany.

German Potato Salad:

German Potato Salad is a prevalent side dish in Germany and around the world as it pairs well with so many main course meals! While gaining popularity in the early 1900s, this dish has become a staple in various cultures; you’ll likely see potato salad versions in countries like Japan, the United States, and even Morocco! To make a German Potato Salad, you will need a few simple ingredients, including potatoes, mayonnaise, onions, and an optional addition of fried eggs! 


Another true classic enjoyed near and far is the German pretzel! This bready snack makes the perfect pairing for beer tasting or a nice treat with cheese sauce. Many cultures have adapted this food to become their own, taking on different flavors and ingredient combinations that are oh-so-delicious! While the classic version of the pretzel is lightly sprinkled with salt, you’ll likely find versions of this traditional snack dipped in sugar, cinnamon, or even cheese! Fun fact: according to Mashed, the shape of the pretzel is supposed to represent arms folded in prayer, an iconic design that remains today!


A true German delicacy, sauerbraten is a classic dish made of a beef roast, a melody of various spices and herbs, and a hint of sweetness thanks to a few ingredients you’d never expect! The ingredients used and the taste of sauerbraten vary depending on the region you may find yourself in (or where the recipe comes from), but the basics remain the same. It is said that this dish originated in the times of Julius Caesar, but today this dish is heavily enjoyed as a staple within Germany’s cuisine.


Kartoffelsuppe, or German potato soup, is an authentic comfort dish and one of the most popular soups in Germany! Typically served as an appetizer, this soup is a delicious combination of onions, garlic, carrots, celery, potatoes, some stock, double cream, and a few herbs and spices to help create its delightful flavor. Kartoffelsuppe is the perfect dish for cold winter days and can be served with some white bread for a tasty and filling treat!


If you’ve eaten a Reuben sandwich, likely you’ve tasted the slightly sour sauerkraut. This incredibly simple concoction is a German staple and easy to make! With only two ingredients, this fermented condiment makes for a delicious side for hotdogs, a sandwich, burgers, and many German dishes use this to help enhance the flavors of the main course as well!

Black Forest Cake

Did you know that Black Forest Cake is a traditional German dessert? This rich and tasty cake is enjoyed worldwide but originated in the Black Forest region of Germany, most likely in the 16th century! Today, this four-layer chocolate cake makes for the perfect pairing with coffee, tea, or ice cream, or it is delightful on its own. 

All in all, there is much to love and enjoy when it comes to German cooking. From sauerkraut to Black Forest Cake and everything in between, Germany’s classic flavors and dishes have made their mark in cuisines across borders. Enjoyed this blog? Be sure to check out our other Pop All You Need Guides for more inspiration, recipes, and food techniques that will help make your everyday meals a little more special!

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