Croissant Loaf Delivery
Croissant Loaf Delivery
Croissant Loaf Delivery

Croissant Loaf

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56 oz.

The perfect croissant, once sliced out of the dough, yields leftover scraps. And croissant scraps would be a terrible thing to waste. That is why Firebrand Artisan Bakery makes these rare to find loaves, from those delicious trimmings no baker wants to discard! After cutting out the croissants, they join the trimmings together into strips, then braid them together. The long braid is folded back on itself and tucked into a Pullman pan, where it proofs, bakes, and emerges from the oven as one giant loaf of sliceable croissant with a beautifully golden crust, faintly marbled with the pattern of the braid. Toast it on a cast iron and slather with butter & jam.

Ingredients: wheat flour, unsalted butter, water, whole milk, cane sugar, fresh yeast, sea salt, malted barley flour, egg

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