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Oregano Buds

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Burlap & Barrel's zesty, bright Oregano Flower Buds come from Turkey, were they are picked by hand just before they open into oregano flowers. These tiny pinecone-shaped buds have everything we love about oregano, but with a particularly beautiful spicy, hoppy twist.

Comes in a handy grinder jar, crumble into salad dressings and over pizza and pasta, roast chicken and meat marinades, or just sneak them into your grilled cheese.

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Jacob Fisher

Great flavor!

The amazing flavor made up for the awful grinder it comes it. Just flat out doesn’t work. I just take them out and hand crush. Smells and tastes better than any I have had.

Alana Coons

The best oregano ever.

I use this in everything I can. Especially good on eggs paired with Burlap & Barrels thyme and various peppers. This is one item I never want to be without.

Susan Davidson Kim

A must have for beans

Excellent bean seasoning and great quality!