Margherita Pizza - Del Popolo Delivery
Margherita Pizza - Del Popolo Delivery
Margherita Pizza - Del Popolo Delivery
Margherita Pizza - Del Popolo Delivery

Margherita Pizza - Del Popolo

$13.9912 inch. 5
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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Arrives: Frozen

12 inches Arrives frozen.

Del Popolo's margherita pizza is a family favorite - don't forget the olive oil and chili flakes. The beloved pizzeria that was once a food truck that roved the streets of San Francisco, Del Popolo dishes out charred and chewy Neapolitan pies that are some of the best outside Italy. Each Del Popolo pizza is built upon naturally leavened dough that has been fermented for 1-2 days. Every pizza is hand-stretched and par-baked in their handmade wood-fired oven and then cooled and blast frozen to retain its fresh look and taste. They then top it with mozzarella, crushed tomatoes and Sicilian olive oil for their classic Margherita Pizza. Total Time: 12 min 15 sec

Ingredients: 100% organic, US-grown wheat flour, water and salt. Crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Grana Padano, basil, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt



Great for frozen pizza

defrost first, rub some olive oil over the crust on the edges, Sprinkle a tiny (and I mean tiny) amount of water over the sauce so it helps hydrate it. Have oven on highest temp (ignore the instructions). Add chili flakes because you know it’s better. Have a pizza steel or baking stone that’s heated up and put it directly on that in the oven. Should be about 4 min. Pop it out and drizzle olive oil. It will be 2x better guaranteed!

Conner G


the suggestion on the packaging to add a drizzle of olive oil or some sea salt — lovely. so nice to be able to pull a nice frozen pizza out instead of digiorno’s.

Ivy Wong

Wood-fired goodness

Never disappoints. I judge my pizza on foldability. This crust has it. Perfect amount of toppings that satisfies my pizza cravings without the guilt.

J Hwang

One of the best

I’ve had a few “artisanal” frozen margheritas and this one definitely tops my list. Great price too, makes it easier to want to stock up my freezer with a few.

Caroline Gelabertnoh

Cooks up Perfectly

This pizza is a beauty and I love the taste but for some reason was satisfied with just one piece. Maybe this is the perfect pizza for that reason? But I sort of like to he gluttonous with a good pie.