Phony Negroni Delivery
Phony Negroni Delivery
Phony Negroni Delivery
Phony Negroni Delivery

Phony Negroni

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6.76 fl oz.
Phony Negroni is a non-alcoholic with nuanced juniper, citrus, and floral notes. The St. Agrestis Phony Negroni drinks with the same bitterness drinkers of the classic cocktail expect, sans alcohol. With added carbonation to help mimic the bite that alcohol typically provides. Enjoy Phony Negroni chilled straight from the bottle or over ice with an orange twist. Or for a bubbly, low ABV option, top with Prosecco for a Negroni Sbagliato!


Hedonist in Moderation

A n/a drink for everyone

Fabulous name, fabulous flavor and fabulous packaging. Great whether you drink alcohol or not.


Surprised I liked It

If you’re trying to cut down alcohol, don’t really like alcohol but enjoy Negronis, this is pretty legit. Love the light carbonation. Mind you, this does have a strong bitter taste since it’s supposed to replicate a Negroni.

Calli Neumann


Bought it for my boyfriend and now I’m jealous that he has a Negroni :/ We garnished it with the Dehy blood oranges that came in our mystery snack box!

Carina Wolff

it’s perf!!

One of the best na drinks I’ve had. Tastes very close to a real Negroni!!

Amy Cheng

Brother approved!

I purchased this for my brother as his “mocktail” since he doesn’t drink. He liked it, so looks like I may be buying this again. :)