Salt & Pepper Chicken Delivery
Salt & Pepper Chicken Delivery
Salt & Pepper Chicken Delivery
Salt & Pepper Chicken Delivery

Salt & Pepper Chicken

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9 oz.

Roli Roti's Salt & Pepper Salad Chicken is juicy, flavorful, and fully cooked. Roli Roti Salt & Pepper Sous Vide Chicken takes just three ingredients: air-chilled chicken breast meat, salt, and black peppercorns and cooks them all sous vide. The result is a super versatile succulent chicken breast meat that can be transformed by adding any herbs and aromatics. Use it as an easy protein to put on salads, stir into soups or fold into weekday wraps.

Ingredients: chicken, salt & black pepper


Annalena Barrett

Versatile for quick meals

Good east option for adding protein to any meal. Flavor isn’t strong so can go with pretty much anything.

Nicole Spear

A bit salty but plan for it

I used it sparingly on a salad and let it be the only salt. The chicken is moist. I like to keep one in my freezer for quick meals.

nicholas santos

Great salad topping

This is an easy to use product that’s goes great on a salad. It is a bit salty though so I would not add more to it.


Too salty

Tongue curled

han ma

kinda dry

skip this and go buy directly from roli roti at a local farmer's mkt where it's hot and fresh and you can get a chicken AND a porchetta with roasted potatoes!