Sunflower Seed Butter Chocolate Berets Delivery

Sunflower Seed Butter Chocolate Berets

$7.082.5 oz.
Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Shelf Life: 90 Days
Arrives: Chilled

Vegan & gluten-free protein bites made with real ingredients and coated in 100% dark chocolate. French Squirrel’s Sunflower Seed Butter Berets are allergen-friendly and infused with stress-managing Ashwagandha root.

Ingredients: * 100% Pure Unsweetened Cacao, * Sunflower Seed Butter, * Gluten-Free Oat Flour, * Maple Syrup, Filtered Water, * Pea Protein, * Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, * Pure Vanilla Extract, * Ashwagandha Powder, Black Sea Salt Flakes, * Cinnamon, Sea Salt. (* Indicates Organic)

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