Toum Garlic Delivery
Toum Garlic Delivery
Toum Garlic Delivery
Toum Garlic Delivery

Toum Garlic

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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9oz. Toum is a Levantine garlic spread, and this one from Obour is simply made with organic garlic, organic olive oil (or avocado oil), and lemon juice. Ultra-creamy and garlicky, Obour Foods is a San Francisco-based producer of craft hummus and tahini, creating what many call the best hummus they’ve ever had.

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Farjad Sarafian

Where have you been?

One word: delicious. See for yourself.

Hedonist in Moderation

A bit thin tasting

This isn't bad but not great. I was expecting a richer more vibrant garlic flavor. The second ingredient is water which is likely why it seems a bit flat. I used it to dress some greens which was nice.

Rubab Waheed

need more garlic flavor

I make toum at home as well and really wanted to like this but it's too buttery and very light on flavor for me.