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#Small Batch

Who we are: We love chicken, but enjoying one of our favorite healthy foods mess-free & on-the-go is much tougher than it should be. We're here to change that with our FLOCK CHICKEN CHIPS! Super tasty, crispy chips, made from real chicken, that are low in carbs & packed with protein. Our premium and flavorful chips pack a delicious crunch that serve as a great healthy on-the-go snack that can be eaten straight from the bag, as a topping for a salad, or even as an addition to a charcuterie plate! Flock isn’t just a tasty snack - it’s a responsible one, too. All our chicken is sourced exclusively from farmers and suppliers in Southern California who adhere to strict animal welfare standards. Producing the best snacks starts with healthy and happy animals. From start to finish, health and sustainability are at the forefront of our process. Nearly 40% of food produced in and exported to the United States is wasted each year with most of it going to landfills. This is an unsustainable practice; one that we’re seeking to combat with Flock’s method of edible upcycling. Chicken skins are a nutrient dense ingredient which have been historically overlooked and left for refuse. By utilizing this resource, we’re actively fighting against America's food waste problem and paving the way for future categories to rethink innovation and sustainability.