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#Woman Owned

Two years ago, we looked at our medicine cabinets and noticed something was off. Other products in our homes were changing. We could pronounce the ingredients and read about their sourcing. And most importantly—they actually worked. But our medicine cabinets were still full of the same stuff we grew up on—those brightly colored tablets, sugary syrups, and pills that looked like candy. Without another option, we found ourselves turning to those sugary pills by default. We needed a NEW STANDARD for getting back on our feet. When we looked for the products we wanted, we found that the natural options weren’t backed by science. And the products backed by science didn’t hold up to our clean label standards. That's when we decided to create the standard we were looking for — NATURAL REMEDIES, BACKED BY SCIENCE. And now, after two years of research, assembling a world-class team of scientists, and kicking off three clinical studies, Hilma is here. We're so excited to share it with you. Sending you that #GETBETTERFEELING, Nina, Lily, & Hilary Hilma Co-Founders