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Sweet Nothings serves up organic, plant-based, spoonable smoothies that make eating healthy a breeze. The story first began with Sweet Nothings founder, Beth Porter, who was on a mission to find healthy snacks that her family would actually enjoy. Her quest led her to discover that smoothies were a hit with all ages, but blending them up came with a ton of prep work and cleanup. One day, as Beth opened her freezer door, she had a lightbulb moment: frozen, spoonable smoothies. She could pack all the fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds she wanted into a smoothie, then freeze it for a delightfully simple snack–and thus, Sweet Nothings was born.

With Sweet Nothings, convenience and nutrition go hand in hand. Each of their products is made with organic fruits, nuts, and seeds - that’s it. No ingredients you can’t pronounce, only ingredients you can recognize and feel good about. Plus, Sweet Nothings’ delicious & portable spoonable smoothies have eliminated the prep work, mess, and cleanup from your daily routine.

1% of every Sweet Nothings purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.