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Truefish has been a staple in the Bay Area seafood community for over 50 years. Founded in 1967, they have consistently provided sushi bars, restaurants, and grocery stores with the freshest and highest quality seafood. As the relationship between food and place has evolved, Truefish has adapted by introducing a new customer experience for seafood delivery. Customers can now have fresh fish straight from the dock, cut in-house and delivered directly to their homes. Truefish's vertical integration ensures that customers receive the highest quality seafood at the lowest price.

Truefish is also committed to responsible and ethical fishing practices, always seeking out Monterey Seafood Watch Certified partners. The Truefish team has a keen eye for quality and a talent for filleting, which has been passed down through generations of the family. They are passionate about connecting local fishing communities to local eating communities by bringing the freshest, finest quality seafood straight from the ocean to the kitchen. Truefish products are labeled as 'sashimi quality' if they can be consumed raw, and none of their fresh products have been frozen unless otherwise specified in the product description.