Burrito de Birria Delivery
Burrito de Birria Delivery
Burrito de Birria Delivery
Burrito de Birria Delivery

Burrito de Birria

Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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Arrives: Frozen

4-Pack. These burritos start with a handmade soft & chewy tortilla made with flour, butter, and salt that’s been called “the best flour tortilla in Southern California” by OC Weekly. They’re rolled up with birria de res (shredded beef slowly braised with chiles and spices) and cheese, before being crisped to golden brown and served with fresh tomato salsa. They’re on the small side, so be prepared to eat more than one. It’s not just a burrito; it’s one of LA’s most sought-after culinary experiences!

The Bañuelos Lugo family opened their first taqueria in the Mexican state of Zacatecas in 1980. They brought their unique brand of Zacatecan-style burritos to the Los Angeles area shortly thereafter, and since then Burritos La Palma has become a must-visit for Mexican food lovers, with their legendary birria burrito hailed by just about every LA food journalist (including the late, great Jonathan Gold) as one of the finest bites of food in all of Los Angeles.

Ingredients: Flour tortilla (flour, water, butter, vegetable oil, salt, baking powder), beef, chilies, spices (guajillo pepper), salt, salsa (tomatoes, chilies, salt, cilantro, scallions).

Cooking Instructions

Microwave from Freezer (frozen)

Remove burrito(s) from plastic bag. Place on a microwave-safe plate and cover with a paper towel heat on medium power (7) for 90-105 seconds, let burrito(s) cool for at least 60 seconds before eating. Caution: fillings may be very HOT.

Skillet/Stove Top (preferred method)

Defrost burrito(s) in refrigerator for 4 hours - overnight or in a microwave for 60 seconds on defrost mode (3). Preheat a non-stick pan or skillet over medium heat. Place burrito(s) on warm skillet and cook on each side for at least 20 seconds or until golden brown or desired crisp is achieve.


Jenn Sugiyama

A wonderful surprise!

These beef burritos are exceptionally tasty: juicy and savory! Somewhat small in size, but with enormous flavor and very satisfying. A great quick, easy meal or snack.