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Bean & Cheese Burrito

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Classic bean and cheese burritos filled with flavorful and creamy refried beans, diced onions, and two types of shredded melty cheese! Comal blends ooey-gooey monterey jack and sharp white cheddar cheese to strike the perfect balance of flavor for their Bean & Cheese Burrito. With creamy and flavorful pink beans folded in and wrapped in their signature flour tortilla for the perfect breakfast or quick lunch that you can keep on hand in the freezer, this Bean & Cheese Burrito is even Michelin approved. Simply microwave on high for 9 to 10 minutes until heated through or heat in the oven for 45 minutes at 400. Pair with ripe avocado slices and a drizzle of crema (Mexican sour cream).

Created by Executive Chef Matt Gandin of the famed Comal restaurant in Berkeley.

Ingredients: Flour tortilla: wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt. Refried beans: Pink beans, garlic, epazote, lard, onions, salt. Cheese: Monterey Jack and Sharp white cheddar



This burrito was amazing!

I loved this burrito! Living in Utah, I miss authentic Californian Mexican food. The texture of the tortilla was flaky and the cheese tasted freshly grated. I have already reordered more.

Emily Cooper

Easy and packed with protein

Love these for when I don’t feel like cooking but want something satisfying and delicious.

Rachel A Levin

It’s The 💣. Com

If your asking yourself, Is it worth the wait? 40 min? (which does seem like a lifetime in food cooking time) The answer is YES! I’ve tried both methods of heating up this bad boy and I definitely recommend the long version. Except for the cooking time you wont be disappointed!


Delicious but hard to warm up right

Super good, but I haven’t figured out a way to heat it up without getting significant cheese leakage on the side. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but I have a feeling that the only way to prevent leakage is to heat it up slowly in its foil in the oven. Microwave + pan crisping has lead to cheese leakage, although, this is not a horrible problem to have.

Valerie Coombs

easy and delicious!

Comal is the best and getting it delivered so easily is such a treat!