Cereal  Honey Delivery
Cereal  Honey Delivery

Cereal Honey

$10.007 oz2
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Rise and fly with nutrient dense food with no refined sugar or sugar science to help support your gut health.
Honey: lightly sweetened with organic honey and a touch of organic coconut sugar for a slightly sweet crunch.
All my cereals are made with the best ingredients possible:
Cassava root: prebiotic root vegetable, high in resistant starch that supports gut health and metabolic health
Collagen: from grass-fed, pastured-raised cows and may improve gut health.
Always: organic, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, NO refined sugars, and NO high potency sweeteners such as stevia, monkfruit, or "Natural" flavors.

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Julie Sontag

Not a fan

Kinda blah flavor. Very expensive. Cute packaging.


Only cereal I’ll buy

I love what they are doing here with a grain free non toxic cereal. Cereals are the cause of so much disease in this country and this brand is doing their part to change that. If you like cereal and care about life, this will do the job.