Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Chocolate Babka

$16.2021 oz.

21 oz.

The chocolate babka from Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is an unholy swirl of toothsome dough and cinnamon-y chocolate, topped with a streusel that is caramelized to perfection. The restaurant's owners, Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman, have been peddling the classic Jewish bread since their pop-up days. In a classic San Francisco move, the guys substituted high-quality bittersweet Guittard chocolate and a lot of real butter for the more traditional palm oil and inferior chocolate. Eat it smeared with cream cheese for a decadent breakfast.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, chocolate, whole milk, butter, sugar, cage-free eggs, brown sugar, water, cream, cocoa powder, vanilla, yeast, cinnamon, and salt

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