Garlic Confit & Thyme Sourdough

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San Francisco sourdough gained a valuable player when Rize Up Bakery came onto the scene in 2020, crafting some of the most unique loaves in the city. Their Garlic Confit & Thyme Sourdough is the best garlic experience you will have confit loaves have a in a loaf - far better than garlic bread. Whole roasted pieces of garlic baked with a hint of herbaceous acidity from lemon thyme come together in a tangy sourdough with the perfect crust. We love to slather the still-warm slices with a little butter or make into the most insane grilled cheese.

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Dylan Hua


Delicious lightly sour hint of garlicky enjoyable and great savoury bread

Brooke Leigh

fluffy as fuhh.

this bread was so full of flavor without garlic being too dominant. it shipped well, heated well, and was so fluffy inside i am not going to lie i was really impressed. sometimes it’s hard to find local bread with as much fluff as this bread had after making it was to me up in WA state. highly recommend and can’t wait to try their ube sourdough next.

Alissa Higashi

One of my favorite breads

It came super fresh and was huge! I loved it! Very delicious! I made so many avocado toasts and sandwiches with it lol