Guava Lime Basil Kif Water Delivery

Guava Lime Basil Kif Water

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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Arrives: Chilled

Guava Lime Basil Kif Water is soft, light and flowery in flavor. We call this subtly sweet combo of guava, lime & basil love at first sip.

Storage: Because Kif is never pasteurized, our kefir water must be refrigerated. It’s enjoyed best when served chilled!

Consumption: We recommend consuming Kif in one sitting – and you can drink it at any time, day or night (goodbye caffeine-induced insomnia!). We find it most enjoyable after a workout or for an afternoon treat.

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Ellis Miskell

So refreshing!

Not too sweet and wonderfully refreshing, just the right amount of flavor