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Panang Curry Paste

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Panang Curry Paste is a red curry paste with the addition of roasted peanuts. The nuts give Panang Curry Paste a nutty flavor & a rich, smooth texture. Plus, each pouch has a recipe on the back! Did you know... we are the only producer of fresh Thai curry paste in the US (as far as we know)! This Panang Curry Paste is handmade, handpacked, made with all fresh, whole ingredients.

Ingredients: shallots, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, roasted peanuts, dried chilies, makrut lime leaf, organic lime juice, spices, salt

Contains: Peanuts

Notes: Our curry pastes have a 60 day shelf life in the fridge. They will be shipped to you from frozen - if you choose to put them all directly into the fridge please date them for 60 days from arrival.

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Hetal Vasavada


My husband loved it! Requires a bit more than just protein and coconut milk but well worth it! I would say it’s the best vegan Thai curry paste I’ve ever had! I’m getting the other flavors now too!

Ingrid Perez

Tastes great

I thought this was too expensive for the size of the packet but after making it, it does make a good amount of servings! I was even able to scale it up to 6 servings after adding the required 2 cups of coconut milk and a lot of veggies.

Nicholas Santos

High quality

This is really high quality. My only gripe is the price point given it’s for one meal (4 servings). But it’s great!