Tarka Oil Delivery
Tarka Oil Delivery

Tarka Oil

$16.001 jar
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An umami-evoking instant flavor enhancer made with spices, ghee and grapeseed oil. Pair this with Paro lentils, pizza, pasta - this saucy condiment instantly enhances the flavor of any dish you add it to.

How To Cook?

Stir the contents of the Tarka jar so the spices and ghee are mixed together.

Heat one tablespoon on the stove until it sizzles or zap it in the microwave for 10-12 seconds.

You’ll know when the Tarka is done by the look, smell and sound of the sizzle. Remember, you can also enjoy your Tarka at room temperature!

Ingredients: Non-Gmo Ghee, Non-Gmo Grapeseed Oil, Garlic, Red Chili, Cumin Seed, Ginger, Curry Leaf

  • ##Lactose Free