Whole Peeled Tomatoes - 28 oz Delivery
Whole Peeled Tomatoes - 28 oz Delivery

Whole Peeled Tomatoes - 28 oz

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Field ripen tomatoes are washed, steam peeled and sorted then filled and topped with a light puree. A pinch of salt are added for flavor. Each can is sealed, cooked and cooled to lock in the California summer harvest so you can enjoyed each can throughout the year. Ingredients: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Juice, Sea Salt, Citric Acid.

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Astin Henry

A staple in my house

While canned tomatoes are a staple in my home. These are my favorite. Snagged them on sale.

Kat Calderwood

The best!

I love buying these whole tomatoes because there’s so much versatility! These are the BEST tomatoes for dishes where tomatoes shine like pasta sauces and pizzas!

Brian Lerner

Tomato sauce heaven

These made the BEST tomato sauce. If you want a big serving, maybe order two or three. The tomatoes are whole (obviously), so after letting them simmer for about 30min I broke them up. Made such a good, simple tomato sauce


Pantry staple

I always have these on hand for quick pasta sauces. They last forever and the quality is high - what’s not to love? Price, especially on sale, is unbeatable on Feed. Whole Foods wishes.

Kelly Bain

The Best

It’s just the best I’ve had, period.