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Coconut Bar

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Coconut macaroon with salt roasted peanut, salted caramel and dark milk chocolatechewy and coconut-y with a depth of flavor thanks to the roasted peanuts! the coconut candy bar is gluten free :) Ingredients: chocolate (cacao bean, cane sugar, cocoa butter), coconut (shredded) , sugar, corn syrup, butter, milk, cream, egg white, sweetened condensed milk (milk, sugar), peanut, cocoa butter, salt, coconut oil


Carlyn Tracymetz

Dang. That’s good too!

The price is a bit steep but dang, it’s tasty so it still gets all the stars. Tasty bc you can tell the ingredients are on point. Worth it in my book.

Alanna Mckown

Yummy x10000

Delicious! & so cute