Organic Baby Spinach Delivery

Organic Baby Spinach

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Perishable - Delivers in a Refrigerated Box
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The savoy spinach is one of our most popular greens. Hearty and flavorful with a thin line of red in the veins, this savoy spinach is excellent wherever you would use a flat leaf variety.

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Julie Sontag

At last….I like spinach again

Been buying organic spinach at the grocery store and force it down usually. This spinach requires lots sautéing and some salt and i glom on it. Cannot beat the taste, quality or price!

Emily Rampton

Spinach baby

Great spinach. Fresh and perfect for adding to smoothies

Priya Talwar

Great for smoothie

Super fresh for smoothies and salad. I wish they also had celery so I could add that to my smoothie.

Ivy Wong

Best for salads

I eat baby spinach more often cooked than raw. I throw it into soups, let it wilt on top of my protein while cooking, etc. Just easy to use when need to eat veggies but don't want to prep.

Madison Tully

So fresh

Perfect amount and super fresh.