Organic Canned Early Girl Tomatoes Delivery

Organic Canned Early Girl Tomatoes

$17.60Two 16 oz jars.2
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Two 16 oz jars.

Dirty Girl Produce has done all the canning for you so you don't have to. These beautiful dry-farmed tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness, cut in half and stuffed (raw) into a jar with a little tomato water and sea salt. The jars of fruit are then canned by using the "hot water bath" method of canning. They are perfect for any winter tomato dish; Italian style pasta sauces, curries, salsa fresca, soups, rice, chili con carne.

Ingredients: Organic Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes, Sea Salt

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Tuna Yesim Oguz


Excellent sauce to use for cooking! Very fresh and tasty

Lindsay Mclean

I’m torn on this one

It did taste very fresh, really great taste. But the proportion of seeds to volume is much higher than others I use. And for a very expensive jar, it was only filled 85%. It’s not actually a full 16 oz.