Round Pain au Levain  Delivery
Round Pain au Levain  Delivery
Round Pain au Levain  Delivery

Round Pain au Levain

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16 oz.

Our Levain loaves are naturally leavened with a Levain starter and contain
approximately 30% Organic whole wheat flour, with the rest of the flour being unbleached Organic
wheat flour. Small Levain is a round or “boule” shape, and is one of the original breads first made
when our company was founded in 1983. The crumb is airy and moist with nutty and sour notes.
The outside has a robust crust with a smoky and caramelized flavor.

Suggested Uses: Levain is a versatile bread that is well suited for table bread, breakfast toast,
croutons, sandwiches, grilled bread, bread crumbs, open faced sandwiches, grilled cheese, fondue,
and much more. Many enjoy eating the bread as is because of the unique whole wheat sourdough

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Amy Fliflet


made the most incredible grilled cheeses ever!

Amy Schwing

yum yum

really good bread, love to slice it up and keep in the freezer and it’s always a perfect breakfast!

Jessica Chan

Big Loaf

Pretty big portion, tastes great as open face "toast".

Elle B.

Finally arrived after 3 order cancellations

Yummy, but a little hard

Kim Nucum


i used this for my avocado toast and it was divine! i was also able to freeze half of the loaf since it was HUGE!! very yummy and would be tasty with a grilled cheese or ricotta toast!