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Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami

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1.5 oz.

The Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami by Meat Crafters is made with fresh rosemary, a touch of cayenne, and garlic. To bring out the fat and compliment the earthiness of the lamb, we suggest pairing it with a triple-distilled tequila based cocktail.

Ingredients: Lamb, salt, red wine, celery powder, rosemary, dextrose, garlic, dry milk powder, cayenne, oregano, allspice, sodium ascorbate (vitamin C), and fermentation starter culture

Arrives: Chilled

Noor Ali

beautiful salami

so glad theres a delicious salami for those who do not eat pork to enjoy.. this salami has the good rich flavor of high quality lamb, and i could not recommend it more!


Gloria Mungo

Rosemary herb Lamb Salami

Awesome tasting, I'll buy again and again. ------ Great, for people who don't eat pork made salami 😃


Valerie Coombs

delicious and unique

I love that there's such a delicious salami made with lamb. thank you!!

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