Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami Delivery
Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami Delivery

Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami

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1.5 oz.

The Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami by Meat Crafters is made with fresh rosemary, a touch of cayenne, and garlic. To bring out the fat and compliment the earthiness of the lamb, we suggest pairing it with a triple-distilled tequila based cocktail.

Ingredients: Lamb, salt, red wine, celery powder, rosemary, dextrose, garlic, dry milk powder, cayenne, oregano, allspice, sodium ascorbate (vitamin C), and fermentation starter culture


Noor Ali

beautiful salami

so glad theres a delicious salami for those who do not eat pork to enjoy.. this salami has the good rich flavor of high quality lamb, and i could not recommend it more!


Unique Taste

I gave this to a Friend of Mine who Loves Lamb very much and I gave her Gf the other kind of Salami they both enjoyed it with their wine and Ramon told me it’s his first ever had Lamb Salami He Loves it and said Very unique taste and Delicious!!❤️👍

Maria Devera


Delicious and yummy!

Vanessa Chase

Perfect for charcuterie board

Very good, you can really taste the lamb and rosemary. However, it is thicker and slightly tougher than typical salami, making it great for cheese and crackers but maybe not for a sandwich.

Phyllis Thai

Not too gamey

This was great on a charcuterie board, and a welcome departure from the usual pork based charcuterie meats!