Strawberry Juice Delivery

Strawberry Juice

$7.4916 oz.5
Frozen - Delivers in a Frozen Box
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Arrives: Frozen

16 oz. Arrives frozen.

Harry's Berries' famous small production strawberries are displayed at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and coveted by all Californians. Renowned for their rich aroma and deep red coloring right through to the shoulders, their flavor is sweet and jammy.

Harry's Berries has juiced & bottled these tiny treats of spring for you so you can enjoy them all year round.


Caroline Gundel

Simple and fresh

It’s exactly as you would expect strawberry juice to taste. Especially fresh strawberry juice. My kids can’t get enough of it!

Isabelle A.

Healthyish and lovely

Harry's Berries are reminding me of my childhood & summers at Grandmother's garden.

Rebecca Flor

Keep it slightly frozen

It’s a very weird treat! It arrived frozen and had to defrost in the fridge. We caught it midway to a slush texture so it was an excellent afternoon delight after lunch. The flavor was sweet but almost tart? It would be great as a mix-in.

Alanna Mckown

Insanely good

This is so delicious I can’t even describe it, need to buy again!

Julie Cha

So delicious!

I love how the strawberry flavor is strong and sweet and it is super refreshing and tasty for the summer!