Ube Sourdough Delivery
Ube Sourdough Delivery
Ube Sourdough Delivery

Ube Sourdough

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San Francisco sourdough gained a valuable player when Rize Up Bakery came onto the scene in 2020, crafting some of the most unique loaves in the city. Their Ube Sourdough is an outrageoslu purple loaf which gets its vibrant color from ube, a purple yam that originates in the Philippines. It's sweet, sour, chewy and perfectly tangy. We love this loaf as a centerpiece for brunch for an excellent conversation starter.

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Dora Hardy

Lovely color!

This ube sourdough was the perfect addition to my meal! First off the color was so beautiful, and secondly, I loved the taste. I had it plain, toasted with butter and also as a garlic bread topped with cheese and both tasted absolutely amazing!

Caroline Smith

One of the best

I am an equal opportunity Rize Up sourdough lover. I’ve loved every variety I’ve tried so far. The Ube is subtly delicious. It is gorgeous and unique to cut into. The flavor doesn’t overpower. I currently love it toasted with cream cheese and topped with edamame. The possibilities are endless for pairing it with savory or sweet toppings

Kyle Spillane

Perfect loaf

Really great as French toast.

Jeremy Siegel

That color!

Most beautiful loaf in all the land

Max Elman

So good! So purple!

This is great if a little expensive