Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Persimmon Sparkling Water Delivery

Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Persimmon Sparkling Water

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This Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, and Persimmon Sparkling Water is a take on Korea's beloved SuJeongGwa; a sweetened spiced punch that's been brewed for generations to aid digestion and ward off colds. Crafted with cinnamon, ginger, jujube and persimmon, this is our version of a healthier, lighter ginger ale.

Some of our favorite pairings with CGJP: kimchi jjigae, chicken parm with spaghetti (Hannah and her dad's #1), salads I guess, every pajeon under the sun, burgers, hotteoks, soju, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, etc. etc.

Carbonated water, date juice concentrate, cane sugar, organic ginger juice, persimmon puree, organic cinnamon extract, wild jujube seed extract, ginger extract, L-malic acid

45 calories and 7g of sugar (includes 3g of added sugar)

  • #Gluten Free
  • #Vegan


Elisa Chan

Interesting flavor

Wasn’t very carbonated, and found the flavor to be pretty cinnamon dominant