Mystery Snacks Box Delivery

Mystery Snacks Box

$35.001 ct.5
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What's inside? That's the exciting part! The Mystery Snacks Box is filled with an assortment of surprise snack items carefully selected by our team. Each Mystery Snacks Box is a unique combination of snacks, ensuring that every delivery brings a fresh and delightful surprise to your doorstep.

Unveiling the contents of your Mystery Snacks Box is an adventure in itself. Get ready to discover a wide variety of snacks that may include savory chips, indulgent chocolates, crunchy nuts, flavorful popcorn, mouthwatering cookies, and much more. With each box thoughtfully curated, you can anticipate a delightful blend of both familiar favorites and exciting new flavors.

Whether you're a snack enthusiast eager to try new flavors, a busy individual looking for convenient and delicious treats, or simply someone who loves a surprise, the Mystery Snacks Box is the perfect addition to your grocery routine. It also makes a fantastic gift for friends, family, or colleagues, offering them a delightful surprise and a chance to indulge in exciting snacks.

*Contents of the box may differ depending on availability.


Aja Haddock

Love it!

The mystery boxes on feed give me my weekly dose of serotonin. Lots of chocolates, some granola/energy bars, crackers and a variety of candies and chips. :)

Eliana Vela

Some great picks!

I’m vegan and although there’s not a dietary preference option most of the snacks I got were vegan so that was great. There were a few snacks I didn’t really care for.

Helia Sadeghi

I love surprises

This snack box was full of delicious and exciting surprises. It is hard to choose between all the amazing snack options. So this is perfect for indecisiveness and still getting so much delicious good quality snacks.

Jeremy Siegel

Too good to be true

My mystery box had not one, not two, but three truffle flavored snacks! 💅💅💅

Astin Henry

What a great box.

So far I’ve been pleased with ordering mystery boxes. It’s great way to learn about new products and save money.