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Mystery Snacks Box Delivery
Mystery Snacks Box Delivery
Mystery Snacks Box Delivery
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Mystery Snacks Box

$25.001 ct.3

What's inside? That's the exciting part! The Mystery Snacks Box is filled with an assortment of surprise snack items carefully selected by our team. Each box is a unique combination of snacks, ensuring that every delivery brings a fresh and delightful surprise to your doorstep.

Unveiling the contents of your Mystery Snacks Box is an adventure in itself. Get ready to discover a wide variety of snacks that may include savory chips, indulgent chocolates, crunchy nuts, flavorful popcorn, mouthwatering cookies, and much more. With each box thoughtfully curated, you can anticipate a delightful blend of both familiar favorites and exciting new flavors.

Whether you're a snack enthusiast eager to try new flavors, a busy individual looking for convenient and delicious treats, or simply someone who loves a surprise, the Mystery Snacks Box is the perfect addition to your grocery routine. It also makes a fantastic gift for friends, family, or colleagues, offering them a delightful surprise and a chance to indulge in exciting snacks.

*Contents of the box may differ depending on availability.

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Valerie Coombs

the most fun you can have for $25

really, it's true. get a few friends, a deck of cards and snack box and you've got a perfect Saturday night!

Jeremy Siegel

Too good to be true

My mystery box had not one, not two, but three truffle flavored snacks! πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

Conner G

great value

I love the variety of snacks in here! Sweet and savory - a couple bags of chips, a couple bags of popcorn, some freeze-dried fruit, a couple bags of candy, and some chocolates. I’m super happy with how much I got from this box!