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Flour Tortillas

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Vista Hermosa flour tortillas are the only tortillas your pantry needs. Inspired by the quality of flour tortillas of northern Mexico, Vista Hermosa mixes and rolls their flour dough by hand, batch by batch, using only organic flour, water, cassava, salt, and oil pressed from avocados harvested in Mexico. They press and bake their tortillas every day for authentic flavor and freshness. These arrive frozen - simply defrost on the counter overnight or gently reheat in a warm pan to bring them back to life!

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Cassava Root, Avocado Oil, Water & Sea Salt.

  • #Non-GMO
  • #No Preservatives
  • #Vegan


Natalia Michele

last awhile and very tasty

Really liked these! Used for a few different recipes

Marcia Gagliardi

Great flavor and texture

I love warming these tortillas up on my gas burner, they get nicely blistered and puffy. They also keep a very long time in the fridge, impressive.

Jeremy Siegel


Love the thinness and texture of these