Unsalted French Butter  Delivery

Unsalted French Butter

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Frentel UNSALTED butter known for its high fat content and rich, creamy flavor makes it ideal for baking and cooking, our butter is prized for its ability to hold its shape when chilled, making it easier to work with when creating pastries and other bakedgoods.
Ingredients: Pasteurized Milk Cream,Lactic Starter Cultures.

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Butter of the moment

I bought this because an Instagram food influencer thought highly of it (I know, I know, I am easily influenced), and damn, it’s good butter. The salted version is also excellent. I prefer to use these as spreading, not baking, butters. I’ll stick to Kerrygold for baking as it is less expensive, but all bread in my household will be buttered by Frentel.

Ece Cokar

better for baking

frentel is milky churned european style butter of my dreams. must say i prefer salted over unsalted🫶

Aubrey Chen

Great for baking

Even among high-butterfat type choices, Frentel is really good if you need to cream butter for baking things

Christine Bui

Super creamyyy

Perfect on some sourdough with a sprinkle of flaky salt

Maggie Silverman


Used this in pumpkin cookies and just mwah